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Offerings for the 2017-18 School year:

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Cool Critters

 World of Spanish

Young Rembrandts

 Quickness Speed Agility 

Starglazers Pottery


Home Alone

Better Babysitters

Drake Planetarium










The Sherwood Enrichment program is a non-profit program that strives to provide a variety of stimulating afterschool classes in the arts, sciences, foreign language and fitness.  Classes are coordinated through the PTA, with support from the school and in partnership with the individual instructors. Each instructor sets their own guidelines for classes.  Therefore classes may differ in terms of length, time, fees, age limits, and how to register. Please note the specific details for each class under the class description.

If you have a question about a specific class offering, please contact the instructor listed.

                     Scholarships available

*Need based scholarships are available for our Sherwood Enrichment programs. Please contact Lisa Suttman at 231-7565 or for more information.

Weather: In case of a school delay or school closure, a class make up or reimbursement will be coordinated by the instructor.

Missed classes: In general, it is not possible to make up missed classes. If you need to withdrawal from a class due to prolonged illness or unforeseen circumstances, please contact the individual instructor.

Snacks: Following school policy, the only allowed snacks items are nut free. Snack time will be provided if classes run past 5pm. Thank you for your cooperation!

Dismissal: All classes will release through the gym parking lot doors.

All afternoon classes are considered a change in dismissal. You must inform your child’s classroom teacher of the specific class dates prior to the first class. Otherwise they might be sent home on the bus at dismissal time. Please also inform the Instructor directly if your child will be absent from a class for any reason. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe and supervised!

Snack:  Snack time is at the discretion of the instructor.  Snacks can only be consumed in the cafeteria. Snack time will mostly be reserved for classes running past 5pm or classes with a high level of physical activity.  Only peanut free snacks are allowed. Thank you.  Please notify your instructor if your child has food allergies.

NOTE: If you need to reach an instructor during a class, you may phone the contact number listed on the class description. The school office closes each day at 4:30 pm and will not be able to relay messages to the instructors.

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